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...I was standing in the tack room holding my new wool-flocked saddle staring at the saddle racks in dismay.

How was I to maintain and protect the custom fit a saddle adjuster had just completed on my saddle if it was to spend 90% of its time on the rack in front of me?  Yikes!  Not something an old saddle pad could fix. My previous saddle had the Flair Air System, so I had never had to worry about this dilemma before. Ah! Yes, of course!  A pillow of air could gently cradle the shape of the saddle panels perfectly!

That night I lay awake thinking, hmm, why not develop an inflatable saddle protector that could be customized so that it would easily fit all the different saddles and saddle racks available?   Then, make it easy to ship and install, but also importantly..... make it affordable for everyone.  Saddle Floaty checks all the boxes. I hope you agree... 

The Inventor

with her OTTB

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